Located in the heart of California's Central Valley, CMG Hydroseeding, Inc. has been servicing California for over 15 years. CMG provides hydroseeding, drill seeding, and Erosion Control solutions for landscaping companies, government agencies, general contractors, and private customers. CMG Specializes in all Erosion Control BMP’s and strives to provide erosion control solutions to customers through personable, reliable, economical and guaranteed service.

About CMG Hydroseeding

Over 15 Years of Experience
Over 15 Years of Satisfied Customers
Commercial, Industrial, and Public Works
Rural and large, remote properties

Samples of Previously Completed Work:
Huron Solar - 160 Acres
Five Points - 158 Acres
PG&E Stroud Solar - 159 Acres
Westside Solar - 168 Acres

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Drill-seeding & Hydroseeding Benefits

Sustainable, Native seeds
Protect the Environment
Protect Capital Investments
Re-enforce Renewable Energy Efforts

Extend the Life of:
• Photovoltaic Cells
• Wind Turbine Rotor-binding
• Sensitive Equipment

Significantly Reduce:
• Waterborne Erosion
• Dry-roll Erosion
• PM10 Dust Air Pollution
• Equipment Maintenance
• Equipment Replacement
Save money while making the maintenance of your land and erosion control effective within a short window of time from planning to implementation to maintenance.

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